04 December 2013

An Introduction

My little man arrived a week ago today, and we're currently enjoying our time getting used to an expanded family and sleep deprivation.

James Thomas Harbour, aka: Minion. 11/27/13. 9lbs 13oz. 21".

Sore nipples, leaky boobs, and sleeplessness aside, I feel wonderful. Despite some hiccups, Minion's birth was empowering and healing in its own way...but I am working on that post for another time.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share some of my recent thoughts and experiences.

First of all, I have been incredibly blessed with one of the most laid back newborns ever created. Minion is not a crier in the slightest, sleeps in 2-3 hour stretches already, and nurses like a champ with a great latch (a huge relief after the painful weeks caused by BabyA's undiagnosed lip tie). My one complaint is that his long stretches of sleeping have been the source of some serious engorgement, which leads to things like this:
I swear I only pumped until I was no longer in pain. I was never able to pump much when BabyA was tiny (I think part of that was related to my post partum anxiety), but I am apparently not having that issue this time around. I am very hopeful that I will be able to donate breastmilk. I really wanted to donate while I was nursing BabyA, but I could barely pump enough to leave her with my mom for a few hours while I went to the doctor.

I am also cloth diapering a newborn, something I didn't do with BabyA. I did use disposables for the first few days until Minion passed all of the meconium. As soon as I saw that yellow breastmilk poop, I excitedly popped him into one of the adorable newborn cloth diapers I'd carefully hoarded over the course of my pregnancy.

Of course, I have several diapers that won't fit him at all since he was such a big boy at birth and had surpassed his birth weight by 6oz when we visited the pediatrician on Monday. I have been surprised by how much I really like using prefolds and covers. I adore my Thirsties cover, and I am not so patiently waiting for Minion's cord stump to fall off before I try to use my upcycled wool. My second favorites are my Swaddlebees Simplex, followed by my WAHM hybrid fitteds.

BabyA is totally enamored of "Bubba." She loves to pet and kiss him, bring him her favorite toys, and has only recently stopped trying to share her food and "nom nom" (pacifier) with him. She is fiercely protective, and I have to remind her that Princess is Minion's sissy, too, and is allowed to talk to/touch him. Whenever The Husband or I are holding Minion, BabyA is not far from him. I have tried to hand off Minion to The Husband so I can spend some one on one time with BabyA, but she will sit with Daddy and Bubba instead of playing or cuddling with me.

I have been amazingly blessed. My beautiful little family brings such joy to my heart. The bond between BabyA and Minion is especially wonderful. I worried so much about having another baby this soon, and had some serious moments of guilt during my pregnancy while I wondered how BabyA would respond to having a younger sibling. She certainly has had some struggles, and she has learned that she gets away with more naughty behavior if The Husband is away because I can't act immediately when I have Minion attached to one of my boobs. Overall, though, she is handling some major changes remarkably well. She will be 20 months old tomorrow, and her entire world changed last week. I'd say she's entitled to some regression. I'm just thankful to have The Husband home for a few weeks to help me manage adjusting to life with two under 2.
Meeting Minion for the first time
Cuddling and holding hands
Thanksgiving Day

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  1. Glad things are going so well for you! Look forward to hearing your birth story. Love the pics of daddy and sisters cuddling him-so sweet!