02 November 2013

Trick or Treat!

I've been MIA for a couple weeks, trying to give my finger time to heal and dealing with a sick kiddo.

My finger's in that awkward stage where it's scabbed over and healing, but still hurts like crazy if I accidentally use it for something like typing or attempting to catch a running toddler.

I'm also having to use all of my extra energy in the form of self-restraint to keep from eating rather large amounts of the candy my girls got while trick or treating on Halloween.

It was BabyA's first time trick or treating (last year, she was only 6 months old, The Husband was working, and Princess was with her bio mom, so BabyA and I went to a trunk or treat at my in laws' church). Since we live in a pretty bad area, we decided to take the girls to my parents' neighborhood to trick or treat. Before they donned costumes and headed out, though, my mom made a fun Halloween-themed dinner, thanks to her recently acquired Pinterest account.
The Husband and I as Batman and Catwoman

I was in serious pain all Halloween day. I spent my morning doing as little as possible because I felt like my pelvis was going to break in half at any moment. I did manage to pick up Princess from school at the appropriate time (I really hate alternate schedule days) and help her with her homework, but the pain continued throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

I'm a tiny bit stubborn, though, and I was not going to miss out on BabyA's first trick or treat experience. Especially not when she actually started saying "trick or treat" a few minutes before we headed off into the neighborhood.

All dressed up and ready to go (with Auntie C as a zombie farmer)
My parents' neighborhood doesn't have normal blocks, so I have to estimate that we walked about 4 blocks and went to maybe a dozen houses.

By the time we got back to my parents' house, I could barely get my feet onto the ottoman after I all but fell onto the couch. The next day, I was still tearing up while doing things like getting in and out of the car. The pain, of course, did wonders for my blood pressure when I saw my OBGYN the morning after Halloween.

Overall, it was a fun night. I was never allowed to trick or treat as a child, so I like to live vicariously through my children (one of the reasons I'm so glad BabyA is a redhead). My parents spent most of my life staunchly anti-Halloween, and we celebrated by eating candy and watching Star Wars with our porch light turned off. Occasionally, we'd go to church carnivals/harvest festivals. When my parents decided that Halloween is only as evil as you make it, I was an adult. I took my sisters trick or treating while my mom stayed and passed out candy.

Thankfully, BabyA was more interested in helping to answer the door and pass out candy to other kids once we got back to my parents' house than she was in trying to eat her own candy. We gave her one of the lollipops my mom was passing out, and she was content. As long as her candy is kept out of sight and Princess doesn't eat it in front of her, we should be able to keep her from eating very much until The Husband can devour it.

I don't want my children to have the same hang ups about food that I've always had, so I really want to teach them moderation. It's easier with Princess because she doesn't have much of a sweet tooth and is perfectly happy with 2 pieces of candy after homework and dinner are done. BabyA has her daddy's sweet tooth and is obsessed with chocolate. I usually just give her a piece of my super dark, 80% cacao chocolate bars, and she's content...but lately she wants what sissy is having. Still, I won't be doing the Switch Witch, or buying candy back from my kids, or even sending it to the troops. No judgement is meant towards anyone who does choose to do those things, but I personally won't be doing it. My children are otherwise healthy, active, and well behaved. For those reasons, I think that a little extra sugar one day a year won't kill them. Once Halloween is over, the candy is rationed and they get 1-2 pieces a night until the candy is gone or they forget about it (I still have Easter candy in the candy jar on my fridge because they do forget).

Our Superhero family at the local pumpkin patch

BabyA insisted on "carrying" her own pumpkin

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